a woman is not a feminist by virtue of being in a position of power/strong/successful/identifying as a feminist

a feminist calls for the end to all oppression of ALL women

therefore all women who support and/or perpetuate capitalist patriarchal classist heterosexist racist oppression are NOT feminists, they are anti feminists and a threat to the progression of women globally.

you cannot be pro capitalist and a feminist, that is a contradiction in terms as feminism is inherently radical and anti capitalist.

the feminist movement has been coopted by cis white middle class neo-liberal ‘feminists’ who disregard this definition to further their cause (ie. equality with cis white middle class men) and therefore continue the oppression of everyone else. in this ‘feminism’ patriarchy wins! whaa? 

sisterhood, intersectionality & solidarity are the foundations of feminism. some have forgotten this in their rush for power, but if you get your power from a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and use it to maintain the subordination of women of colour, trans & queer women, disabled women, working class women and women of the global south for the progression of yourself and the elite privileged group you belong to then you are not a feminist. you’re just a really, really shitty person.


58 notes · #if a motherfucker tells me margaret thatcher or hillary clinton or any other power hungry imperialist capitalist shits are feminists i will #feminism #anti capitalism
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